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    iLounge Help FAQs and tutorials. Apple iPod Support - Apple's official iPod support site. ... Apple iTunes Web Site - Apple's official iTunes music web site. iPod Locked Up or Frozen,
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    The fact that you need someone who knows their iPod help problems like the back of their hands. And why is that? Because your iPod has stopped completely, frozen in its tracks and nothing you do is helping it to thaw out
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    Learn about iPod, Apple TV, and more. Download iTunes for free and purchase iTunes Gift Cards. Check out the most popular TV shows, movies, and music
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    Provides Ipod repair tips and troubleshooting for all your Ipod repair needs. ... iPod Help - General Troubleshooting Tips. Ok, we may be a little biased but Apple has one of the best corporate knowledge bases
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    A complete guide of every iPod, iPad and iPhone, with technical, configuration, and pricing info, answers to iPod questions, help with iPod problems, and more
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    To work with these new-generation devices, look at this article on using Ubuntu to sync with your iPhone/iPod touch. ... Banshee and Amarok are full music management applications that work with the iPod (much like iTunes), whereas gtkpod is a simpler application used only to sync with the iPod.
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    Learn about Ipod Help on eHow.com. Find info and videos including: Help With an iPod, iPod Questions &Help, iPod Help &Support and much more
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    iPodInformer has the info you want to help you get the most bang for your buck from your iPod. Find help to learn all the tricks here
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    iPod Help Articles. most popular. iPod &iPhone Help. VIP iPod &iPhone ... My iPod in the Toilet. Copy Music Off Your iPod. Has a virus or hard drive crash wiped out
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    please help me decide weather to go for IPOD nano or video IPOD.And i would also like to know can i play vids frm my pc on the vidopod or do i have to download em frm the itunes site ??>
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    iPod, iPod touch, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle ... Note: If you are using an iPod shuffle (1st or 2nd generation), learn how to sync music
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    This collection of articles, how-tos and step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips will help you get more out of your iPod and iPhone. Whether you need to learn how to do something or just fix a frozen iPod, this is where you'll find the
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    Ipod Help Now the great improvement of the iPod over its predecessors is its storage capacity. An iPod today can store enough music to play non-stop 24 hours a day during 6 weeks. The iPod is a portable media
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    Up to the minute news, reviews, how-to's and expert opinions on mac computers and software, iPhones, iPads and iPods. ... reviews, help and how-to, videos, and podcasts for the Apple market, including the Mac, Mac software, Mac OS X, the iPod and
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    Article describing Apple's iPod, including hardware and software features, history, models, criticisms, sales, and other aspects
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    iPod repair services and replacement ipod parts at rock-bottom prices. We fix iPod issues for the lowest price - guaranteed!
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    The iPod is an iconic range of portable media players from Apple. iPods have around 70% of the market for music players. iPod users can add music to their device by "ripping" their CDs using iTunes, by purchasing music from the onlne iTunes store
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