1. iPodLinux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
    iPodLinux is a µClinux-based Linux distribution designed specifically to run on Apple Inc.'s iPod. ... iPodLinux in essence consists of a Linux kernel built from µClinux sources using the uClibc C standard library with driver code for iPod components (or reverse engineered drivers where available)
  2. Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware  
    An Open Source replacement firmware for MP3 players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod) and iAudio. ... Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1g and iPod Nano 2g
  3. Ipod linux - CNET  
    Ipod linux reviews, prices, articles, video, downloads and user forums from CNET
  4. iPod Linux (ipodlinux) on Twitter  
    Linux on your iPod ... Another team has gotten Linux 2.6 booting on the iPhone platform. Cheers! 6:34 PM Nov 28th, 2008 from web. As a quick update; ipodloader2 has been upgraded to version 2.6 and now supports some options to make it easier to make your loader.cfg file 8:45 AM Oct 20th, 2008 from web
  5. Chapter 16: Ubuntu and Your iPod | Linux Journal  
    This article is from a new book published by No Starch Press: Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks: A Pain-Free, Project-Based, Get-Things-Done Guidebook by Rickford Grant. This excerpt covers using your iPod with Ubuntu and it is full of tips, tricks, and helpful pointers.
  6. ThePlaceforitAll.com - iPod Linux on iPod nano  
    In order to install the iPod Linux on iPod nano, you will have to use the latest builds of the kernel and podzilla. ... After the Linux installation you will be able to install Doom (iDoom) on your nano.
  7. nanocolo iPod Linux colocation  
    nanocolo.com iPod Linux colocation. This is way too expensive. ... Whatever you need to run, you can host it on an iPod with us. In addition to basic hosting services we offer dedicated IP addresses, BGP failover to a backup iPod, and more. We have thousands of iPods hosted at our facilities.
  8. polishlinux.org " Using iPod Nano in GNU/Linux  
    PolishLinux.org is a general Linux vortal featuring: comparisons of GNU/Linux and BSD systems, distro chooser, reviews and articles on free software, first steps in GNU/Linux and more... iPod is the most popular portable music player in the world.
  9. How to install iPod Linux on iPod Nano?  
    This step by step guide will teach you how to install iPod Linux on iPod Nano, enable your nano to play music video, movie. Watch movie free
  10. Hacking iPod and iTunes - O'Reilly Media  
    Hadley Stern, author of iPod and iTunes Hacks, helps you turn your iPod into a universal remote, install it in your car permanently, and run Linux on it. In addition, make smart playlists and tame iTunes with AppleScript
  11. Linux Software | iLounge  
    All Things iPod, iPhone, iPad and Beyond. ... GNUpod is a collection of tools which allow you to use your iPod under Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems.
  12. How to Uninstall iPod Linux From Your iPod - wikiHow  
    wikiHow article about How to Uninstall iPod Linux From Your iPod. ... This is an easy way to get iPod Linux off your iPod if you can't restore, etc. This works with every iPod, including every generation or model.
  13. iPod Linux - iPod Noticias  
    Hoy me he decidido a hacer el experimento de instalar iPod Linux a través del instalador para el iPod 3G disponible para Mac OS X. La idea era probar las
  14. iPodLinux :: Apple Accessory Protocol - iPodLinux  
    (response) the current mode number (0xXX is the mode returned by the iPod), 0x04 0x01 could also be an indicator that the iPod is currently busy - I frequently get this skipping tracks very fast --- this info is not 100% correct, IÃ"Â'm getting different responses.
  15. Welcome to iPod Nano Linux !  
    This is an open source venture into porting Linux onto the iPod Nano and all other iPod devices. ... Unfortunately, Apple has protected iPods firmware through encryption since the iPod Nano 2G.
  16. review of Linux for the iPod  
    reader review of Linux installer for iPod ... I remember quite some time ago reading an article about how some ingenious hackers had found a way to boot a version of Linux on the iPod.
  17. How to install iPod Linux Video – 5min.com  
    a great guide to install the mod for you iPod, iPod Linux. ... This program seems to work with all version of the iPod but only on the fifth generation, you will
  18. ipodlinux.com  
  19. Linux on iPod  
    This site provides details of my venture into porting Linux to the iPod. Unfortunately the iPod is considered a "closed-platform" by Apple and technical info is virtually non-existant so this has involved a fair bit of guess work, reverse-engineering and experimentation!
  20. Howstuffworks "How iPod Hacks Work"  
    With iPod hacks you can change your iPod's hardware, software, firmware or operating system. Explore iPod hacks and learn how to enhance your iPod. ... Linux on the iPod. See more iPod pictures. Right out of the box, an iPod can hold, organize and play most people's entire music collection. It can