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    Learn about Trade Names on eHow.com. Find info and videos including: What Is the Difference Between Trade Name &Fictitious Name?, Job Description of ASB Officers, How to Protect a Trade Name and much more
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    Trade names are used by profit and non-profit entities, political and religious organizations, industry and agriculture, manufacturers and producers, wholesalers and retailers, sole proprietorships and joint ventures, partnerships and corporations, and a host of other business associations.
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    A trade name, also known as a trading name or a business name, is the name which a business trades under for commercial purposes, although its registered, legal name, used for contracts and other formal situations, may be another. As an example, the company Panda Chemical Manufacturers, Inc.
  6. WA State Licensing: Trade name registration  
    Trade name registration. You must register a trade name, or "doing business as" name, for: a sole proprietor or partnership using a name other than the full legal name of the owner or owners. ... The right to use a trade name belongs to the one who first uses it in connection with their business.
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    it is important that we use our trade names and trademarks correctly. ... Perot Systems Corporation = Trade Name of Our Parent Company. PEROT SYSTEMS = Our
  8. Polk County Recorder - Trade Names  
    The Polk County Recorder's Office records, maintains and retrieves trade names for Sole Proprietorships or Co-Partnerships
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    A trade name is the name a business uses to identify itself. ... For example, a business might be incorporated as "XYZ Holdings" and do business under the trade name "Alphabet Productions, Inc.
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    I. Trademarks, Corporate Names and Trade Names Are Different A. Basic Differences With many businesses, names a. ... service marks, trade names, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.
  11. The Proper Selection, Use and Protection of Trademarks ...  
    The proper selection, use and protection of names begins with understanding the differences between Corporate Names, Trade Names and Trademarks. The same name may, but most likely will not, be used as a Trademark, Service Mark and/or Trade Name.
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    Provides information and a method to search and register trademarks, tradenames, domain names in the U.S. and Canada
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    For limited liability corporations (LLC) and corporations, the business' legal name is the one that was registered with the state government. Your business' legal name (trade-name) is required on all government forms and applications, including your application for employer tax ID, local.
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    Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Are Trade Names? ... Also known as a trading name, a trade name is an identification that is used as the public name of a business or product.
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    Definition of trade name from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of trade name. Pronunciation of trade name. Definition of the word trade name. Origin of the word trade name
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    trade names - The name is also knwn as business name or brand name. Ingeneral it can be said that the trade name is the name under which a companydoes its business
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    trade name n. A name used to identify a commercial product or service, which may or may not be registered as a trademark
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    A person can always do business under his or her own name, or even a trade name, as a "sole proprietor." No matter what you do, the form you choose will have legal and tax implications which you must understand before you begin your business.
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    Connecticut State Law requires that anyone conducting business under an assumed name, must file a Trade Name Certificate in the Town Clerk's Office in the town where business is being conducted. ... A Trade Name Certificate may be obtained by clicking on the Trade Name Certificate link below.
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    Search database by trade name to locate manufacturer supplier data sheets for plastics polymers metal alloys caramics and other engineering materials. Only proprietary trade names of materials are listed but other search tools based on generic